Download Fresh Start Devotionals – Prophetic Prayer Hour

Fresh Start Devotional - Prophetic Hour
Fresh Start Devotional – Prophetic Hour

Dear friend, “Fresh start” devotional is a transformative resource designed to provide readers with daily inspiration and guidance as they start or continue in their walk with God. The devotional is specifically crafted to help individuals establish a personal connection with the Holy Spirit by providing fresh insights into well-known biblical passages. By actively engaging the devotional, readers will discover renewed hope and a revitalized perspective on their relationship with God.The “Fresh Start” Bible Devotional focuses on fostering personal growth, maturity, and transformation in readers’ life journey. It offers foundational teachings, character formation, personal and transformation growth. It encourages growth, and provides tools for goal setting and progress tracking. It also recommends additional resources for further study. Through this, readers will embark on a
purposeful and intentional path of life development, equipping them to grow in their faith, live out biblical principles, and become transformed individuals who reflect the love and grace of God in their daily lives. Get ready for an awesome moment of refreshing.

Devotional Download

Devotional Download


  1. Ayube Igho Raymond
    01 Aug 2023 06:21:01 Reply

    Thank You for this gift

  2. Vivian Ihechu
    01 Aug 2023 06:21:55 Reply

    I am super excited. Well done for the devotionals

  3. Sayo Aladesanmi
    01 Aug 2023 06:26:00 Reply

    Good morning!

  4. Jesulayomi Jesutofunmi
    01 Aug 2023 06:27:07 Reply

    Thank you Lord Jesus – Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleluyah – Amen 🙏

  5. Phil
    01 Aug 2023 06:27:19 Reply

    Thank God!

  6. Folashade Kumolu-Johnson
    01 Aug 2023 06:28:00 Reply

    God bless you Rev Sam Oye

  7. Plenseh Diana Paye-McClain
    01 Aug 2023 06:28:04 Reply

    Thanks for sharing God’s word so freely.

  8. Patricia Ozono
    01 Aug 2023 06:30:16 Reply

    I thank God for the opportunity of being a PPH Tribe Family.

  9. Trice
    01 Aug 2023 06:31:51 Reply

    Granted for this devotional. God bless the team.

  10. Jackie Charles
    01 Aug 2023 06:32:17 Reply

    I’m so grateful 🙏🏾

  11. Sandra Enwerem
    01 Aug 2023 06:32:18 Reply

    Good morning man with a great God.Thanks for sharing. I really want l and my family to grow so very in God’s word and to do His will. And also to fulfill my purpose,Gifts,Talents and my prophetic ministry and many more.Same as my husband and children.

  12. Gloria
    01 Aug 2023 06:32:46 Reply

    This is so beautiful may God bless you and your ministry for this awesome devotional teaching us to stand firm in God, thanks to all the crew who took out time to put together God bless you all

  13. Joy Nwokoye-Obiajulu
    01 Aug 2023 06:34:11 Reply

    Joy Nwokoye-Obiajulu

  14. D
    01 Aug 2023 06:34:22 Reply

    Father THANK YOU for NEW MONTH, MONTH OF NEW begining congratulations blessings Good Health OVER MY FAMILY MY children AND i AMENNNN. I NEED more OF YOU AMENNNN

  15. Nicole Alleyne
    01 Aug 2023 06:34:35 Reply

    I look forward to the fresh start devotional

  16. Joy
    01 Aug 2023 06:34:42 Reply

    Glory to God. We are growing in our salvation walk through the by the Help of the Holy Spirit and grace working through Rev Sam Oye. A yielded vessel unto the Lord.

  17. Nicole Alleyne
    01 Aug 2023 06:35:39 Reply

    The fresh start devotional will change my daily prayer life

  18. Vivian Aluaven Akumbur
    01 Aug 2023 06:35:43 Reply

    I am glad to be here

  19. Kome jacques Christian
    01 Aug 2023 06:36:52 Reply

    Thank you pastor sir for wath you are doing with your team. May God continue to bless you

  20. Dr Ife Ajepe
    01 Aug 2023 06:39:07 Reply

    Am glad, we now have the devotionals.

  21. Evans Yao Yaokumah
    01 Aug 2023 06:39:27 Reply

    So refreshing to have a daily devotional. God richly bless you and your team.

  22. Jennifer
    01 Aug 2023 06:40:08 Reply

    How do I get it in English.

    Please advise

    • Fresh Start Devotional
      01 Aug 2023 07:23:44 Reply

  23. Mary
    01 Aug 2023 06:46:07 Reply

    This is a good one and I love it
    Thank you.

  24. Katherine Etim
    01 Aug 2023 06:46:28 Reply

    God bless you Rev Sam and all the pastors, may God continue to pour out His fresh anointing on you all.

  25. Kehinde
    01 Aug 2023 06:47:57 Reply

    Thank you, Rev. Sam, for this gift.

  26. Daniel Haruna Aliyu
    01 Aug 2023 06:51:27 Reply

    God bless you Daddy.

  27. Stella ehimiyen
    01 Aug 2023 06:57:05 Reply

    I love it it is beautiful thank you for this wonderful devotional.

  28. Stella ehimiyen
    01 Aug 2023 06:58:13 Reply

    It is really beautiful I love love it thank you for this devotional it wonderful.

  29. Mobola
    01 Aug 2023 06:58:47 Reply

    How do I download Fresh Start Devotionals?

    • Tina michael
      03 Aug 2023 19:09:48 Reply

      Wow I love ❤ it

    01 Aug 2023 07:04:29 Reply


  31. Icha Lydia
    01 Aug 2023 07:53:22 Reply

    God is good

  32. Esther Joseph
    01 Aug 2023 08:12:17 Reply

    Thank you for the Gifts, May God continue to bless you and increased you .. Amen

  33. Elizabeth Ndhlovu
    01 Aug 2023 08:34:58 Reply

    I look forward to the fresh start devotionals

  34. Elizabeth Ndhlovu
    01 Aug 2023 08:37:19 Reply


  35. Kougha Bless
    01 Aug 2023 09:47:00 Reply

    May the name of the Lord be glorified and this team be strengthened and the Hand of the Lord rest on this devotional for as many souls as possible to be won for the kingdom of God.
    Thank you for this devotional

  36. Grace
    01 Aug 2023 10:20:41 Reply

    God bless you pastor Sam

  37. Azah Bernice
    01 Aug 2023 10:34:33 Reply

    Hello daddy .. thank you for this Beautiful gift… on my way to total Transformation

  38. Allwell Onyeike
    01 Aug 2023 13:24:32 Reply

    Thank you Rev Sam for this gift that keeps giving.

  39. Jewel
    01 Aug 2023 16:33:19 Reply

    Awesome and Inspiring

  40. Uwem Mkpong
    01 Aug 2023 19:16:39 Reply

    God bless Rev Sam and the team of stewards on this ever refreshing menu for our spiritual upliftment.
    May the Lord bless you richly and replenish your efforts.
    In Jesus Christ Name. Amen

  41. Shaista Gannie
    01 Aug 2023 20:41:54 Reply

    I am so blessed and energised every morning after the Prophetic Hour Prayer

  42. Lucy Wilson
    02 Aug 2023 03:43:51 Reply

    Thank you for this gift.

  43. Jennifer U. Shafa
    02 Aug 2023 04:13:36 Reply

    God bless you for always bringing new ways to help our growth, both spiritually and physical. I pray for more wisdom and grace of God upon your life, ministry and home in Jesus name.

  44. Francisa
    02 Aug 2023 12:29:43 Reply

    Good day Papa Sam Oye, n the Crew…. Thank God for d opportunity to be a member of dis family. I I just join about 3weeks ago, n I am really enjoying it here. Infact, my alarm is always on for 5:45am just not to miss d daily prayers. INDEED…MY PRAYER LIFE HAS BEEN TOUCHED. THANK GOD 4D OPPORTUNITY TO ALLOW GOD USE U ALL. I PRAY 4 MORE ANOINTING TO FUNCTION.

    02 Aug 2023 12:32:38 Reply

    Good day,Sir!!!! Sorry Papa…. I could download d devotional bcos my network was really bad ystday. I tried it now, but it’s sayn d link has expired.

  46. Rashidat Olubunmi Akinsiku
    02 Aug 2023 13:22:35 Reply

    More wins In Jesus mighty name Amen

  47. Eugene Thomas
    02 Aug 2023 13:23:30 Reply

    My RSO
    Thank You So Much For This Awesome Gift
    Love You sir

  48. Rene
    02 Aug 2023 13:24:25 Reply

    Thank you Rev Sam, I have my copy.

  49. Mirriam Bwalya
    02 Aug 2023 13:32:44 Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful gift, may the almighty God bless u nd continue to bless you with fresh oil.

  50. Emelda
    02 Aug 2023 16:26:05 Reply

    Thank so much for the hard work you put into God’s work to save souls. I’m reading the devotionals and loving them. God bless you mightily and May He continue to strengthen you in all u do.

  51. Eunice
    03 Aug 2023 06:25:49 Reply

    Thank you so much

  52. Joyce Angie
    03 Aug 2023 06:28:42 Reply

    With God all things are possible.

  53. Nichole Mkorongo
    03 Aug 2023 07:53:53 Reply

    Thank you Rev Sam

  54. Zita Osborne
    03 Aug 2023 08:37:20 Reply

    Good morning everyone,
    Thank you Lord Jesus for Blessing us every morning with the gift to be in your presence. Thank you PPH Tribe Pastor’s, TTC family of God member’s and loved ones. I am Grateful for everything you have done and about to do in our life’s. There is none like thee O’Lord Jesus Amen

  55. Ivine Abeh Esah
    03 Aug 2023 17:22:28 Reply

    With our God all things are possible

  56. Ivine Esah Abeh
    03 Aug 2023 17:27:21 Reply

    Pastor Sam and the entire PPH crew may the almighty God bless you people for creating this group, am really happy to join you people

  57. Victor Tanno
    03 Aug 2023 20:44:52 Reply

    This is indeed a welcome development in the life of this ministry. This devotionals will ensure that Rev Sam’s messages and prayers don’t only end in audio form but also in print format so that people can read and understand better.
    Well done to the team behind this. Hip Hip Hip hooray

  58. Amaka I.
    03 Aug 2023 21:58:36 Reply

    Wow. This is a precious gift.
    God bless you Rev Sam

  59. Ruth Yacim
    07 Aug 2023 14:07:46 Reply


  60. Grant
    09 Aug 2023 06:20:17 Reply

    Glory be to God for this daily bread that you provide for us , I can’t wait to grow spiritually

  61. Valdah chikumbi
    09 Aug 2023 06:28:58 Reply

    Thank you Jesus Christ for this cause i know how to pray right,Amen.

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